Izabella Szanto, Project Manager Central Europe

"I can consider myself very lucky to get the German – Hungarian intercultural training shortly after my start in Germany by Gyöngyi Varga. 

She explained many things about the geographical, historical, communicational differences what I have to consider and also the many similarities which I'll face in Germany vs. Hungary. 

The training day had a very good set-up from the general to the detailed information and the flow was as well very logical. I could easily understand behaviour of German people in work and personal life with the demonstrations and situation games we had during the training. 

I met in the trainer's person a very open and positive style which I appreciated because I could ask anything anytime and she was able to clarify my doubts about for me "strange" situations what I already met since I moved to Germany. She was well prepared and very professional. 

Overall I can say that since then I have a different view I understand more my German colleagues behaviour and I profit both in business and private life from the learnings of the training."

Izabella Szanto, Danone GmbH, Rosenheim
Project Manager R&D Dairy Central Europe

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