Fit for multicultural Cooperation: The International Profiler© and the Global DISC give you security

Self-awareness and the perception of others are rarely one and the same. But you can learn to systematically influence the way other people perceive you. This is a highly valuable skill in multicultural collaboration.

Do you want to know what to focus on when working with people from other cultures? Do you want to know the impression you make on others and how you can increase the success of your work together? I will support you in optimizing your communication and your negotiating skills with partners from other cultures.

1) The International Profiler© (TIP) is an established analysis tool for self-evaluation.

It is highly suited for executives and employees who work in international / multicultural teams or who are preparing themselves for a stay abroad.

Simple to use – great results

  • Just fill in the questionnaire online. The test identifies 10 key competencies and 22 specific behavioural dimensions.
  • As a licenced TIP-coach I will discuss your results with you afterwards in an individual consultation
  • Now you are more able to judge your skills objectively regarding your new business environment. At the same time it will become clear to you as manager or employee how you need to further develop your personality in order to master the tasks ahead.


2) The Global DISC™  is internationally accredited framework that allows you to recognise and optimise the dynamics of a culturally diverse environment where individuals have different behaviour and communication styles due to their cultural background such as their GENERATION, GENDER, PROFESSION, NATIONALITY and PERSONALITY TYPE.

Diversity and Inclusion must be top priority in 2016 according to FORBES.  Your business performance today depends on your ability to attract and engage a highly diverse workforce and clientele. 

This is where common sense is not enough, you need INTERCULTURAL INTELLIGENCE to manage and serve 5 generations of people from 100s of cultures.

80% of Fortune 500 companies use 2 types of trainings to deal with this issue:

1. Behavioural models such as DISC which has been used by over 45 million people all over the world.
2. Cross-cultural models which describe a group of people and compare different dimensions of culture.

The Global DISC™ framework is designed to develop your ability to recognise and understand how cultural background and personality types influence behaviour.  It is based on the most researched cross-cultural and DISC models, it is internationally accredited, trademarked and endorsed by leading experts in both fields.

Global DISC™ focuses on individuals and explains how different cultural dimensions influence the way we see the world and how others see us.

How is it different from classical DISC profiling?

- The questions are specifically designed to be clear and understandable to clients instead of relying on subtle differences in meanings which can depend on the level of knowledge people have and their interpretation.
- It is not situational, it describes your cultural orientation and preferred behavioural style in general.
- It introduces the topic of intercultural communication using the language of DISC.

How is it different from other cross-cultural models?
- It focuses on individuals instead of groups of people.
- It is a holistic framework as opposed to trying to offer a complete solution through one model.
- It is not country-specific. The country of origin is just a fraction of the complete picture.
- It does not only point out differences and similarities, but it concentrates on behaviour, emotions using a simple and efficient framework.
- It is practical and easily applicable in a fast-paced, multicultural environment.
- It turn competency into skills by giving you the tools to recognise behaviour style and adapt to it across cultures.

“The Platinum Rule® model spans all cultures BUT it is important to remember that people around the world are socialized into a certain preferred way of behaving and The Global DISC™ model explains why. “

Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of The Platinum Rule® and The NEW Art of Managing People, hall-of-fame keynote speaker, top 5 Sales/Marketing/Customer Service Speakers by

Do you want to use the approved TIP-analysis or Global DISC™ tool? I will be glad to support you with your new challenge!

I am certified for The International Profiler (TIP)© with World Work Ltd., London and for the Global DISC™, Brighton, UK.

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