Maria Sebők-Demeter

"I wanted to be prepared for life in Hungary. Ms Varga brought me much closer to this goal within 31/2 months in her wonderfully reserved manner.

There were exercises, homework, essays, book discussions, film shows. Even doing homework didn't have the usual unpleasant feel to it. I needed and wanted this homework to deepen and secure the new knowledge I had gained about Hungary. And that is what I am grateful to Ms Varga for: in a playful and yet serious way we reflected possible situations to come in everyday life.

When I arrived in Hungary I didn't go through a culture shock and I hope I didn't have the same effect on any Hungarians.

Sometimes people notice my accent - as everywhere in the world -, but in return I feel accepted und experience cordiality and helpfulness if I make the odd mistake like literal translations.

I am very grateful to Gyöngyi - we are on first name terms now - that she prepared me for my "assignment" in the new country so caringly and competently and so well-adapted to my personal situation."

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