Multicultural Teams

Fit for the team: When employees from different countries work together…

… it is sometimes like building the tower of Babylon. Different cultures, opposing ideas and completely different working methods collide. But precisely this colourful diversity, cultural variety and the different ways of communicating can be the optimal foundation for successful collaboration.

As an example: the more direct German style of communicating can come across as aggressive and rude to people from cultures with a more indirect communication style. Whilst the one person only wanted to get straight to the point, the other one feels pressured or hurt.

Misunderstandings like these can easily be avoided with a little more empathy and emotionality in the use of language. Similarly, Germans often have difficulty interpreting tone of voice and body language of their foreign team member. Understanding the foreign culture better gives both sides the chance to use differences to their own benefit and for entering new markets.

Team training courses with people from different cultures lead to more understanding for each other. They help those participating become more open and accepting towards new ideas. The dynamo which a team develops when they have access to diverse competencies and methods of problem-solving inspires synergies which help the multicultural team become an exceptional team.

You too can turn your multicultural team into a winning team!

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