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Fit for Communication: Become an cross-culturally competent personality!

Maybe you have had this experience: after long and careful preparation you have built up a promising contact with an international business partner. At last you meet each other personally. The documents are ready, the figures look good. But for some reason no progress is made, there is a cool climate and the project stagnates. And you are left feeling confused…

Many companies which have already prepared their expansion will make the mistake of not becoming sufficiently informed about the mentality of the foreign culture with whom they are dealing. The paramount importance of human sensitivity and tact is forgotten; these factors often play a bigger role in the business contact than numbers and high-flying promises.

For whoever is professionally involved with people from other cultures, it is essential to know and understand the culture of their proposed partners and their way of communicating in order to avoid the occurence of misunderstandings.

If you understand more about the culture you are dealing with, you will be able to use this cultural diversity to your advantage. If you know how to integrate foreign points of view and habits into your own culture, you will gain from it diverse, intercultural synergies – clearly a competitive advantage!

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Fit for the cross-cultural market: an overview of what I can offer you

Here you can see at a glance my extensive service package of

cross-cultural training courses, organization development and multicultural team culture for Hungary, Germany and 60 other countries:

  • Cross-cultural training courses with sensitivity training for cultural standards when working abroad (with/without focus on a specific country)
  • Communication and competence training courses: preparing employees for multicultural collaboration (with/without focus on a specific country)
  • Cultural Awareness: Intercultural sensitivity training for international assignments (any culture)
  • Multicultural training for optimizing synergy and for developing a multicultural team culture (mono-/bilingual)
  • Intercultural organization development – focus: Hungary and Germany

Cross-cultural individual training course and business coaching

  • The International Profiler (TIP): Business Coaching for Personality Development in international assignments
  • Executive development: cross-cultural competence and leadership skills
  • Cross-cultural and transcultural coaching for executives with individual coaching sessions
  • Intercultural career coaching – for young academics and graduates

Working abroad: Expatriate Coaching

  • Preparation courses for deployment abroad (Expats) – also for his/her partner
  • Support in selecting managers for work abroad
  • Integration of employees and executives in Germany
  • Re-entry training course for employees and executives in Germany

Cross-cultural Communication and Consultation

  • Cross-cultural communication consulting for meetings and business trips
  • Intercultural moderation in multi- and bi-cultural teams
  • Optimization of the multicultural collaboration using "on-the-job" – measures
  • Culturally optimized translations and interpreting – in cooperation with external partners in the respective countries

Of course you can book every event/step separately. However, just as the whole is not the same as the sum of its parts, every step has its maximum effect when it is one of a system of building bricks forming with the others a harmonious whole/structure. I suggest you explain the modules of the program.

I will be happy to work out a package customized to fulfill your needs and those of your company in an initial discussion. I will be glad to help you – just give me a call!

I look forward to our intercultural collaboration!

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