Cross-cultural fitness

Fit for diversity: Cross-cultural coaching, training and transnational consulting for your international success

The world of business is becoming smaller, yet the diversity of cultures remains. An obstacle to understanding thus complicating interactions. Fortunately most people have natural skills at their disposal to adjust gradually to new circumstances. However, in the modern professional world there is often not enough time for this gradual process, leaving some people feeling like a nomad - always on the move. Instead of being able to enrich their new environment with their skills and gifts, they constantly need new energy for this adaptation. However, this can be overcome!

I am offering you my support for this very task. On the basis of my cross-cultural training and coaching, using various processes and exercises for team building and individual consultation, you will find it much easier to master new challenges. As your cross-cultural coach, consultant and trainer I will help you and/or your employees to engage with new cultures, using all available resources, at the same time we will have fun working together. Without doubt, the primary aim of these measures is your business success. However, I know from experience that success will be much greater and more lasting when everyone joins in wholeheartedly.

On the basis of mutual respect, warmth, a high degree of sensitivity, empathy, as well as personal responsibility, we can build strong bridges reaching across borders. My aim is to support you in this process!

In my cross-cultural training and coaching …

  • you will learn about the background of cultural differences
  • you will develop and expand intercultural and cross-cultural competencies
  • I will make you fit in your communication skills, leadership and solution orientation
  • you will learn how you can make personal use of cultural diversity

Together with my network of freelance cultural experts for different countries, we can offer you coaching, consulting and development for over 25 different cultures: Austria, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mallorca, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA.

As a native Hungarian and global citizen, my main areas are the Hungarian and the German cultures. In regard to these cultures, I will …

  • optimise your (cross-cultural) corporate communication and team culture
  • coach employees and executives
  • help you in your intercultural organisation development and recruitment
  • prepare your employees (experts) for their stay abroad

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